I was drifting through my fakebook page and found this blog written by a man named David, attacking Emily from Song Porch on NPR because she had mentioned she never paid for the music she owns…
It’s not his criticism I contend with because it isn’t cool to steal artists work, however – why attack Emily?
I dated a DJ in college and he rarely paid for music because bands sent them their music (usually a few copies) in the hopes that their music would be played (and most of it was).
I’m wondering – how many female DJs are there compared to male DJs? I’m guessing women make up something like less than a third DJs. Yet, all those male DJs are getting free music.
Why focus on Emily at all? Why not make a general post directed at all people?
I also think it’s pretentious of musicians to have no empathy for the fact that most of us live in poverty and I’m sorry but a 10 song MP3 file should NOT cost the same as the actual disk or vinyl.
I don’t pirate or steal MP3 because I’m not interested in being hauled off for something that’s worth less than 10$.
Having said that – I can’t afford to buy music at all, unless it’s used…and guess what that means? The artists are still not making a penny off that sale…
So again (since I drifted from my point), why is it that Emily was the target and made an example of by this man David? Because she’s a woman. This is patriarchy being patronizing in action. It’s especially patronizing because it’s mostly men I know who steal music on the Internet. I actually can’t think of one woman I know that does this, but have a few male friends and my own father does it.
The simple fact is, when women do shit that men do ALL the time, they get more shit for it, it’s magnified because women should stay in their place…
The truth is – if you don’t want someone ripping off your art, than don’t put it on the Internet. Go old school and get a real taste of what a struggling musician’s life was like before the Internet and getting zero recognition what so ever.
This is a problem of capitalism.
I don’t even want to sell my art because I fear sales will influence what I paint, as opposed to painting what I want to.
I also wanted to challenge musicians that do “covers” in their albums…do you pay the original artist? Do they get a cut of your sales? Probably not (unless you are big time). But it’s the princible, ya know? Most of the bands I listen to, don’t do covers but some occasionally put one in.
See, my roots are from punk rock, which is very anti-establishment, not about making money… So when I see articles like this, they irritate me.
Another thing that irritates me – setting an example of this woman on NPR, is that they are focusing on a popular media that hardly drives what college students are interested. I don’t hear students listening to bluegrass, folk, Americana or any genres other than hip-hop, dance music, rap… The problem is that younger generations are heavily indoctrinated by mass television media. They only listen to what’s popular and rarely explore and branch out to forgotten genres.
Local, small-time musicians that are really struggling are in this state because of massive brainwashing – not because a few ppl pirated their CDs. Most of the highly talented musicians I know, have so few fans that pirating might not ever happen with their CDs.
You wanna blame something? Blame pop culture and it’s disgusting cliches and how ppl will cling to them just to have the illusion of acceptance.
I think about all the top selling music and I wonder – what the hell happened? It’s almost like nothing sells unless it has a good beat to entice women to rub their asses on random mens legs…
Don’t get me started on the misogyny in pop culture music. Isn’t it interesting how that trickles down to the less thought of genres?
There’s even plenty of misogyny in punk rock, the metal scene (ever wonder why there are so few female artists in such genres?).
Even when women get involved in things like DJing, they’ll be booed off the “stage” quicker than you can take a piss, meanwhile assholes like Howard Stern are applauded.
Music scenes are a lot like “gentlemens” clubs, women are only openly accepted into them if they look and act like a prop. Think Rihanna woulda ever made it anywhere without her pandering to that cliche sex appeal? Hell no!
At least mens talent can sell itself and they don’t have to look the part of a prostitute or porn star to sell it.
I am against pirating music (unless it’s something from MTV, that shit isn’t art and shouldn’t be treated as such) and I’m not defending it but let’s try not to make women the example of all the shitty behavior that mostly males encourage (at least where I live). Let’s not use women as the scapegoat and use their backs for your fucking soap box. Try, at LEAST try, to understand that a woman’s struggle in the music industry is 1000x the struggle it is for men. In part because most men will NEVER buy CDs from “ugly” but very talented female musicians. I see it all the time. Like when I watch a Sometymes Why vid on YouTube vids, most the comments coming from men neglect to compliment their talent, but never fail to point out how beautiful the musicians are. I think I’d rather have my art pirated than to get those patronizing comments. If I had an on-line gallery, it could happen. People could steel my art and use it in their vids or backrounds…
I use to try and get involved in music scenes but quickly realized it’s not worth it. A pal of mine use to put on shows and while he was off having fun talking to the artists and playing himself up – I was running the table, cleaning up the mess after…never got an ounce of recognition from the bands I helped because I was born with a vagina. Not saying that I wanted any special treatment, just the same kind of thanks my friend got (heck, he walked away with all the money as well).
After quite a few experiences like that, I gave up helping most struggling artists because they are mostly men who think walking vaginas OWE them, without recognition or respect.
Another thing is – maybe people like your art but the price is too high. See, there’s no “negotiating” – I can’t email a musician on cdbaby and say “I think this six song cd is worth $6, not $10.” but I’d negotiate¬†with ppl. think musicians need to lower their MP3 costs (not CD costs, CDs are about what they should be because they come with the case, disk and cover art). It’s clear to me that in general – ppl think $1 is too much for a file that can even be lost if yer computer crashes etc (or if you cancel a subscription as I did, which caused me to lose every MP3 I had purchased). I’m pretty sure musicians would get more sales if MP3s were half the price as the cd.
Unfortunately, we live in a capitalist society and to make it, you have to think of your consumers. If most of your audience is living in poverty wages, perhaps you must lower the prices to reach them.

Either way, I still wish that men would stop using ONE woman to make a point. I see this happen in many other situations as well, this is just one of the many. Frankly, I’m tired of it. If anything, this DJ should be APPLAUDED for admitting what many men would never admit. Take your scarlet letter and shuv it up yer ass!