So WHO is it that can’t handle criticism?


enoch ballcock 4 minutes ago


SUISElSEKI 8 minutes ago

at the end, when you zoomed in on her face, i actually had to scroll down

HybridxProject 9 minutes ago

6:42 “Tits or Get the fuck out” Lol

blyantenmig 11 minutes ago

i dont think she knows that “tits or gtfo” is just a for fun phrase from 4chan

Gas Man 13 minutes ago

Damn, I’m glad that I do not have a woman like any of these. My woman is a fine ass tiny blond. Oh yeah, smart as shit too. Smart enough not to follow these femebitches. too bad it seems like the fugly ones are always FUCKINUGLY

Edison Bonifaz 15 minutes ago

Insulting my games

Edison Bonifaz 16 minutes ago

Stupid bicth this chick I would slap her

TheAlexagius 17 minutes ago

Feminists are so fucking dumb, they need to get laid

ThePhantomLion 18 minutes ago

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

ddioppp 20 minutes ago

on her other videos your comment has to be “approved” by her to get published. she picks all the comments she agrees with and doesnt let anyone speak against her. what a fucking bitch

Brognor Lightbringer 21 minutes ago

lol at the “tits or gtfo” comment! xD ahahahhahahaa xD

Douglas Kelban 22 minutes ago

The sad thing is that many people, including progressive like myself who would actually agree with her about many issues, will be turned off by her man-hating bile, and turn away from her. Unfortunately, like suicide bombers, many haters get off on and feel safer in the world with, the fantasied protection of their own “shield” of hatred. She will end up sabotaging her own goals and thus failing to help women. I suspect she is an unhealed victim of some hurt, and needs help.

ilikebac0n 28 minutes ago

Im going to play skyrim, beat a woman to death with my fists, undress her corpse and drag her body around before setting fire to it and throwing it off a cliff, all in protest of these bitches that need a good dicking

Brognor Lightbringer 29 minutes ago

Thanks so much for posting this whore’s blog, I’ll fuck her up

Akron162 19 minutes ago

I think “bitch” is a perfectly valid way to refer to person who is coward or whiny or stupid. It lost his meaning as a pejorative term only for women a long time ago.

WalkingDeadHiphop 32 minutes ago
“We have emancipated [women], but they remain slaves looking for their masters, all the same. They love being dominated.” – Oscar Wilde

liberalgamer4 32 minutes ago

To be honest women shouldn’t be playing video games, they should be for no life losers only. past the age of 16.

WalkingDeadHiphop 36 minutes ago


WalkingDeadHiphop 33 minutes ago


peterinfamilyguy 43 minutes ago

So instead of enjoying those video games, she bought them to critize them for not “having enough females”? Stupid fucking slut

FallenRaccoon 46 minutes ago

The bitch just needs some good dick.

KILLERONROAD 54 minutes ago

As Butt-head says, “what a dumbass, huh huh huh” . Stupid bitch is stupid… If Butt-head can tell she’s a stupid bitch then anyone can.

Henrik Mathisen 55 minutes ago

You know.. as they say… BITCHES BE CRAZY.

procyonmedic 58 minutes ago

all of those feminists need to suck my dick

Jonnyx2376 1 hour ago

poor woman, she doesnt seem to understand the most basic of rules, tits or get the fuck out

aussie bloke 48 minutes ago


WKaliberr 1 hour ago

All these feminists are dikes

WKaliberr 1 hour ago

Anita dick

Jason Feriani 1 hour ago

tits or get the fuck out….. oh, wait, wrong video!

xpallodoc 1 hour ago

She’s such a bitch

Rognald666 1 hour ago

Anita Sarkeesian = Adolf Hitler with a vagina. A dirty one.

catchmefoo777 1 hour ago


TheKlugt 1 hour ago

We should start a war. Bomb da femenist! Kill the stupid.

mikeT1100 1 hour ago

I find it funny how this video exposes feminists for being the exact opposite of what theyre fighting against. Bigoted, thick headed, superficial, and dumb.

N3B0R3D 1 hour ago

T.J.’s face in the insert where he didn’t know what to put is priceless. Also, don’t pay any mind to feminazis. I just brush them off. Walk softly but carry a big stick. I treat women and men equally without the need for feminism, but if one of these cunts (CUNTS) gets in my face, she will receive a logical thrashing like she/he has never see.

D3VSN3X 54 minutes ago

But you have to concider that some genres aren’t really suitable for womes. I always find it strange when I see in mmorpgs a female mighty warrior in heavy armor due to their skinny/feminine/sexy skins. It’s just a mismatch

radioheadshirt 1 hour ago

Males are a giant social safety net for females.

pingufromindia 1 hour ago

gotta blame men to encourage this type of entitlement based behaviour ….women should prove their worth before asking to be treated equally….there is a lot of brainwashing going on to misguide people about women’s supposed qualities…..fact is that women have not really contributed anything to the civilization besides being carrier of sperm

Flame Hazard 1 hour ago

god I wish Anita watches this video. She needs to realize what her fanbase is doing. Now to be honest, us humans have different genders for reasons, one is to bear children, and the other is to hunt. now that times have changed to a more survivable era, people like feminists forget that times were once in need for such roles. Women are weaker because they didn’t need to hunt, and men aren’t as emotionally strong because we didn’t need it. It’s just life and evolution, but they won’t accept it.

FutureAbe 3 hours ago

“tits or gtfo” isn’t gender specific. She just likes to think it is. I’ve seen comments like that on TJ’s videos, to be honest, haha. The threat of rape isn’t gender specific either. I’m tired of feminists making up their own realities in their heads.

fpsexcellence 10 seconds ago

I’d rape her.

NitsuaNaed 6 minutes ago

bitches be crazy, we should all know this by now come on humanity…

Lev Akilov 12 minutes ago

tits, or gtfo

James Ghodbane 13 minutes ago

She’s a bitch who has virtually no real knowledge on the subject that she is constantly railing on.

ItsIronicFFS 13 minutes ago

I wonder, does everybody see how stupid the movies were in 60s and 70s. I mean, that they were primitive, dress funky and the fight scenes were like drunk old geezers, fighting the domination of remote control…

Will this obsessive negro worshiping, jew praising, female promoting and dissing, humiliating, degenerating of white hetero male era ever pass?

If it pass, they actually think the entertainment industry is as retarded like we think about 60s and 70s entertainment now. Heavy… Eh?

Ishak Ince 15 minutes ago

Damn I could really go for a rape and fulfill my patriarchal urges now that I saw those bitches who are nothing but cumdumpsters

brokenbones199 18 minutes ago

I want to go back to 2008 when these types weren’t into Videogames.

PabloFerroDesign 19 minutes ago


ninjaash666 24 minutes ago

i believe that women should be treated that same as men but i hate fuck cunts like this who think men are worthless then call us sextet…….i don’t want to live on this plaint anymore.

Basketalbi 55 seconds ago

Feminism is fascist in nature.

mindfr33z3 26 minutes ago

hahaha what a fcukin bunch of redneck women

joeisgod18 27 minutes ago

Only ugly chicks are feminist, because hot girls can control men (with their looks), but ugly girls can’t

tripdefect87 38 minutes ago

Don’t think I’ve ever encountered someone who perfectly encapsulated the term “dumb whore” before

She is stirring the shitstorm pot just for the sake of stirring it and has absolutely no concept of what she’s talking about at all

Damon Gant 22 minutes ago

She knew full well she’d be receiving death and rape threats when she had the audacity to tell half the population what they should or should not be sexually aroused by. Why do you think her kickstarter introduction video was the only one where she didn’t heavily moderate the comments?

And how many cases have there ACTUALLY been of MRAs tracking down and rape-murdering feminists?

audriuxsss 45 minutes ago

that retarded house woman is fighting with herself. LEAVE HER ALONE! 😥 :DDDD

Naruto Uzumaki 3 minutes ago

i’m so glad i’m a boy, and i;m never going to marry a chick . girls are insane

JoshsGamingg Channel 7 minutes ago

I wish people would leave video games to goddamn fucking hell alone all-fucking-ready. PETA, Feminists, politicians, dumbass parents, the media, PEOPLE SHUT THE FUCK UP leave video games alone and rip on something else for a goddamn change, I’m being fucking serious, LEAVE THEM ALONE, LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE GODDAMMIT!!

Gellvos 9 minutes ago

These are not women… these ones he speaks of are just stupid cunts who think every man is a pig.

feavmexico9 10 minutes ago

i say we FLAG her fucking stupid ass video…as CHILD ABUSE….just for shits and giggles 🙂

SchizoManatee 11 minutes ago

And so women just marginalize themselves further…

partisan49 11 minutes ago

i lol’d at the comment anita got stating, “ill rape you and put your head on a stick if you ever touch my video-games” xD

Mad Godbane 36 minutes ago

Anita Sarkeesian has not only scammed thousands of people out of over $160,000, but also uses the excuse that she is a woman to get away with whatever she damn well pleases. Any form of constructive criticism, even from fellow women, is either ignored or labelled to be sexist against her. She claims to want gender equality in video games, but in reality, she just wants to use the fact that she was born with a vagina to get free money and sympathy from everyone who crosses her path.

RagingDong 38 minutes ago

Females became useless when jewdiasm,christianity moved west into europe. they were made useless by it. women used to be usefull ie. they would cut wood. stoke fires. learn to fight and defend themselves. even fish. as their husbands would be out trading and fighting for them. because men are more phisicaly able. so if women started being usefull in a society they might be treated as being more usefull (this is know as eqaulity). In short. start fucking acting eqaul you fat rug muching cunts

Cocobunny911 42 minutes ago

I wish I could set my youtube to let me know if a video has comments and ratings disabled before I select it instead of “are you really 18 or older?” Yes motherfucker let me watch my violent pornagraphic videos about drugs and just worry about who wants to censor me.

BlatantReviewer 2 minutes ago

Holy shit. All those girls, yes girls, because they are too immature to be women, that commented on your tumblr post are fucking idiots of the highest degree.